Friday, November 28, 2014

K is For...

We are nearing the end of our week of thanks!  I have truly enjoyed sharing some of my favorite things with you all!

Today is for the letter K, and for me, that has to mean the kitchen!

I love to cook, and love spending time in the kitchen while the people I love cook.  I have such wonderful memories growing up of nightly family dinners at the table in our little kitchen, and especially of my mom making big Sunday dinners.  Now, I love to spend time in the kitchen myself, as I love cooking for others (though I can't deny I still love family dinners and my mom's cooking).  A very sweet teacher friend of mine, Shadia, also loves to cook, and it's always fun to talk about delicious things we've made or recipes we've stumbled upon that we would like to try. 
To me, the time and thought put into preparing food for someone else is a real expression of love.  I adore seeing my guy in the kitchen.  He far exceeds me as a chef, and eating something he has thoughtfully prepared for myself (like tonight's delicious bacon and garlic brussels sprouts-yum!) and/or my family is not only delicious, but warms my heart. 
Someday, I hope to pass on my love for the kitchen to my own children (not that I currently have any, but someday) and give them wonderful memories of dinners spent with people who love and cherish them.  Without a doubt, I am so thankful for the kitchen and the memories it holds. 

Make sure you stop back in tomorrow for the final day of the week of gratitude!


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