Friday, November 28, 2014

N is For...

Sorry this is a day late, my friends!  I had such a busy day yesterday, full of fun and love, that I didn't feel blogging was the right thing to do.  I wanted to just spend the day in the moment with the people around me.

So, delayed as it is, I'm giving thanks today for my Nikon, Nook app, and Non-Delayed Flights!

First up, is definitely my Nikon DSLR.  Some of you may or may not know that I do a smidge of photography on the side, and I absolutely love my Nikon.  I have had the pleasure of capturing family memories for so many wonderful people, and have made some lasting friendships with some of my clients.  It doesn't hurt to have such a wonderful tool to take great photographs for your own home, as well!

Second up would have to be my Nook app!  I love, love, love to read.  During the summers throughout high school and college, I would average reading a book a day and was a frequent flier of our local public library.  I still love the public library and utilize it often, but there are times when I'm stuck without a book and without the ability to get to the library or the store to find something to read.  This is especially true while traveling.  Enter the wonderous Nook app.  I can peruse online, buy it, and have it in my hands (digitally) in mere seconds.  As much as I love a real, in my hand, book, I love having any book rather than no book much more.

Last, but certainly not least, I am grateful for non-delayed flights!  My wonderful love flew in last night to spend the holiday (and weekend) with myself and my family, and we were a little concerned about the weather.  We met and fell in love when I lived in Florida, but I moved back to New York almost a year and a half ago.  In upstate NY, travel can always be unreliable at this time of the year.  I am always so grateful to see my good looking fella, but this night in particular filled my heart with love and joy.  Thanks to all the pilots, flight attendants, TSA personnel, traffic control folks, and everyone else who made it possible to spend my evening with my family and the man I love.
They hug every time they're reunited :)

There you have it folks!  K will be up a bit later tonight!


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